By day SEO Specialist and Sr. Web Developer. With a design degree and master skills in photography. Better World With Design is my personal digital playground. I am interested in the power of technology and creativity to manifest constructive change.
In unprecedented ways, Social media has the ability to connect and disconnect, along with privacy and personal well-being concerns.
By approaching social media with caution and using it as a tool to enhance our lives, we can create meaningful connections and share our passions with the world.

I created the Better World With Design website as my creative outlet, and a platform to publish my original articles, artwork, and custom coding.

I am conducting a case study (it has to pay for itself) on how long it takes for the site to rank and generate traffic while documenting all the fundamentals of SEO. My goal with this case study is to not only improve the ranking and traffic of my website but also to share my learnings with others who are interested in improving their own website’s SEO.