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I encourage everyone to join the Guru community and follow my profile to be part of this exciting world of photography. If you want to share your Guru account, feel free to do so and let’s build this community together.

The promise is that having an active Guru account offers a plethora of benefits that can help improve my photography skills, showcase my work, and connect me with other photographers. Guru offers more than just faceless likes. Photos can receive constructive feedback from other photographers who share similar interests and skill levels.

I find the Photography Challenges a fun and easy way to improve my photography skills. The challenges are designed to encourage creativity and push you out of your comfort zone.

As for measuring the success of the Guru platform, gaining followers and likes, and winning challenges are good metrics to start with. However, the success of the platform will depend on connecting with other photographers, improving my skills, and showcasing my work. While the platform’s success is yet to be determined, participating in challenges and engaging with the community are good ways to start measuring success. Follow Me on GuruShot.

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