Annabel (Lee)

Annabel (Lee) Playlist

Annabel (Lee) is an intriguing band that deserves more recognition.
Despite their unique sound that requires a certain mood, their music is worth exploring. Their style can be described as dark and moody, yet its beauty is undeniable. Their music is soulful, hauntingly beautiful, unique and captivating.

A little beyond the midpoint of happy

I have created a personalized playlist of Annabel (Lee) that for me captures their essence and a certain place and mood. The songs that are sorted by their valence measurements.

The valence of a song is a measure of its musical positiveness. Tracks with a high valence value sound more positive, happy and cheerful. While tracks with a lower valence sounds, capture those feelings of sadness, depression. My Annabel (Lee) playlist begins with a valunce measurement of 5 and concludes at 56 (just a little beyond the midpoint of happy).

Enjoy my personalized Annabel (Lee) playlist.

Click to read the lyrics that inspired the artwork.

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A little beyond the midpoint of happy

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