New York January 2023

Photographing New York City is a unique art form that allows the photographer to peek into the lives of others without actually entering their space.

What is that space between in and out?

The space between private space and public space has become increasingly blurred. In New York City the boundaries between private and public space is always been questioned, while creating the space where both are possible.

By using Motion blur photography I am able to capture this unique in-between space – a few inches outside the window and a few inches within.

Light, Color, Movement


The rise of Impressionism in the late 19th century marked a new era in art history. This artistic movement was heavily influenced by the newly established medium of photography. Impressionists focused on light, color, and movement, rather than precise details, similar to motion blur in photography. Early photography was a time-consuming process that often resulted in images with distortions and motion blur that the photographer would reject. However, the impressionists movement embraced these imperfections and used them to create art.

A new study published by climate scientists in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences – suggests that many English artists during the span of the Industrial Revolution a time of unprecedented growth in air pollution.

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