Gary Crossey’s Photography Goals for 2022 ?

The passage of time is inevitable, but with a little creativity, we can make the most out of it. This year I’ll be Thinking More Concretely about how to create my 2022 Photography goals in an effort not only to reduce their lengthier timeline for achievement – which will come at greater success overall.

Improving on the craft of photography is about more than just getting a good idea. It’s all about technical execution, and with less time there are many things to think about in order for your images not only be well composed but also have great exposure as well. I’ve always loved the rabbit hole. There’s just something about diving deep into a subject that really excites me.

I recognize that, with so many rejected images and the occasional exception to prove myself wrong it’s easy for me let imposter syndrome take hold. By revisiting the basic design elements of photography I’ll be able to assign each photograph its own description that allows me an understanding beyond just what is seen before me on screen or paper.

How to Improve my Creative Vision

I can enhance my visual comprehension and build a stronger sense of design by revisiting the basics. I will assign each photograph one or more basic elements that define it, like shape for an object in space.

  • Lines
  • Frames
  • Juxtaposition
  • Color Theory
  • Scale
  • Positive and negative space

Work with other Photographer

Get outside opinions from others so they might see what else has been done before by adding diversity into the project itself through inspirational images/artwork etc., which will help push boundaries while keeping things interesting

Find Meaning and Purpose behind my Creations

I try to find meaning and purpose behind all these things I create because when I am creating something beautiful for myself then suddenly every single moment feels meaningful. Vanity is vanity; there’s no such thing as too much in this world! And yet we continue seeking more power through our work or personal lives like some kind-of correction while ignoring how powerful already are those few minutes spent just being still with yourself – taking time out from everything else so you can see clearly again.

The images in my work should evoke an emotional response. intentionality and purpose, self expression. Intentionality lies on whether there was a specific point of intention behind creating this piece that you want people see as well; if so then great! That would make everything else worthwhile because these pieces have meaning behind them beyond just being pretty pictures.

Strengthen my Online Portfolio

It is time for me to step up my game. And expand my Online Photography Samples that demonstrate the following skills.

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is a complex skill that requires intense attention to detail. With the right techniques, you can create stunning images of landscapes and nature’s most beautiful spots while avoiding common pitfalls like having subjects move or turn their heads in order be captured with perfect framing.

Improving my Landscape Photography

  • Learn more about astrophotography.
  • Use Panorama more frequently.
  • Increase my Tripod usage.

Street Photography –

Street Photography often entails capturing candid moments at unexpected locations usually without any warning given by either party beforehand. The three areas of Street Photography that I want to work on:

  • Get faster and more comfortable with Hip Firing.
  • Improve zone focusing.
  • Staying unnoticed.

Macro Photography

Macro photography is a technique that uses the camera’s macro ability to take photos of small subjects, typically insects and flowers. I would like to be able to showcase a collection of Macro images by the end of 2022.

  • Learn how to use use the Macro light system.
  • Create connecting themes.
  • Go beyond inserts and flowers.

My Gear – Understand how my tools can best serve me

I always try to get the best out of whatever gear I am using. I am never quite caught up on the latest fad, or visual toy. I am still using a Pixel 3 phone in 2022 (and no intention in updating any time soon).

  • Focal Lengths – get to know my lense options better.
  • Sensor Sizes – refresh and align my understanding.
  • Camera Capabilities – what are my camera limitations?
  • Accessories – Organize and review modern accessory options.

Post Processing – Final Touches (go the extra mile)

Coyote in the snow. Photography by Gary Crossey

I loved my time in the dark room. Hours, weeks, months past by often with only a single red light to guide my way. Image manipulation in the dark room fasticated me. Recilcating May Ray techniques was just the beginning. My skills using Adobe Photoshop quickly followed. Headed the Asheville Adobe User Group, and taught Adobe college classes and Professional Development seminars for Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc.

So, I have never been quite sure why Adobe Lightroom and I have never been on good terms. “I don’t like Lightroom”.
And it isn’t that I just dislike using Lightroom a little bit. I hate most everything there is about Lightroom. Maybe in 2022, I can turn by Post Processing around. And turn my lack of appeal toward Adobe Lightroom by improving the following skills:

  • Get deeper into Adobe Lightroom functions.
  • Continue to improve my non-destructive editing.
  • Expand my knowledge on exporting image for purpose.
  • Learn how to better color grade properly.
  • Use Frequency Separation.
  • Refresh my Object Removal skills.
  • Learn more Creative Editing techniques.

Expand working as a group. Collaborate more on group projects.

Launch Online Sales Platform

This year post 50 images to my online sales platform –
By March 2022 – Evaluate the success of using Picfair to showcase my photography.

  • Have I posted 50 images?
  • How has the photography been promoted?
  • Which photos have received the most views?
  • Have any photos sold?
  • Should the Picfair account be upgraded from a free account?

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