Art Party Playlist

The Art Party Playlist takes the listener on a creative journey, with each song contributing to a larger theme of falling in love with art. The playlist begins with Björk’s “Stonemilker”, which asks the listener, “Who is it?” and sets the tone for a journey of self-discovery. This theme continues with Buffy Sainte-Marie’s “Ke Sakihitin Awasis (I Love You Baby)”, which encourages the listener to visualize and connect with their emotions. The playlist then progresses through a variety of genres and styles, each song building on the creative journey and exploring different aspects of art and self-expression. The playlist culminates with “Adore” by Jasmine Thompson, a haunting and powerful cover of a Prince classic, which reflects on the unexpected nature of falling in love with art. The final song, “Inspiration” by Grace Jones, serves as a message to the listener to leave the session with – that art is a journey and a creative process, and that inspiration can be found in unexpected places.The Art Party Playlist is a carefully curated selection of almost 3 hours of audio landscapes that invites the listener to explore their own creativity and embrace the power of art.

Happy listening!

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