Smoke Photography

I love smoke photography. It’s a interesting way to capture the patterns and movements of smoke as it rises into the air. I use a micro lens and a fast shutter speed to freeze the motion of the different layers of smoke and bring out their unique patterns and movements. Adjusting the focus to a specific area of the smoke allows me to capture the intricate details and textures of the smoke. In post-production, I use noise reduction techniques to create a clean and sharp image.

The way the smoke is captured in the light creates stunning patterns that remind me of the 70s. I remember when all the adults in the room smoked while watching super 8 projector movies. They were mostly poor home movies. Thankfully, the patterns of the smoke were always fascinating .

When the layers of smoke are captured in the strong cross light the smoke create 3-dimensional forms and visual shapes that are often ephemeral and only exist for a brief moment in time. For me, capturing these fleeting moments is the art. The resulting images are not only visually interesting but also have a unique artistic value that captures the essence of the moment.

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