Photograph Project

Elements of Photography

Taking a great photo is all about finding the right combination of the seven elements of photography. A perfect photo needs the magical blend of lines, shapes, form, texture, patterns, colors, and space – all these elements put together give you stunning results!

If you aspire to be a photographer or are already an established one, understanding the fundamentals of photography will ensure that your pictures look awesome.

So let’s take a look at each element and how it can be used to make your photos stand out!

Developing my Seven Elements of Photography

My Notes:

Dec 2 2022 – It seems a good idea to begin the project of organizing my photography. Let’s not forget why this makes sense. Today I have worked on setting up the libraries and pages.

Dec 12 2022 – Worked on refining the gallery code. The CSS grid code I installed last week is not loading correctly. Working on swapping the CSS grids out for better visuals. The photography has got to load correctly and on (most) devices. Working toward a fullscreen gallery.

Feb 4 2023 – I know the framework is in place to pop some photos into and build this section out. But, somehow the other sections of this site are getting my time. In the meantime the Photography Blog had are recent post.

Feb 25 2023 – Today I spent time writing the Lines and Form descriptions sections for the Seven Elements of Photography. Both key concepts that help create dynamic and engaging images.

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